Klusster For Local Business

Klusster For Local Business
about 2 months ago

You have a local business, you want to reach more people online and improve your SEO.

Any LOCAL BUSINESS that wants to reach more people online, read further.

What do you need?

  1. A love for your business
  2. A love for your business community.
  3. A love to let people know what you do.
  4. A strong staff or team.
  5. A desire to get found more online.

If this is you, Klusster can help.

The biggest reason a business doesn't get found online is because they do NOT consistently create content.

In fairness, the reason most businesses didn't consistently create content is that they didn't have time or they don't know what they would get from doing this.

We are now 20 years into the Internet, and now we absolutely know that the businesses that made and investment and consistently created content are now found near the top of Google.

But there is good news ... It's not too late!!

If you want to get found going forward, you MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUST, create content and you MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUST, have a distribution plan.

Klusster enables a business to easily create content and easily distribute content.

The result? More visibilty and better SEO.

CASE STUDY: A local spa, with an active staff on social media wanted to develop a better online content program.

They built their own Klusster publication, and their group collectively shared the content to reach thousands.

From this, links to their web site started to be shared online and subsequently their website SEO also improved.

The chart below shows how the spa's organic search improved as a result.

klusster, for, local, business, small, community, entrepreneur

Sound Good?

Learn more how to grow your local business  and reach more people with Klusster!

Klusster For Local Business