Klusster For Network Marketers #MLM

Klusster For Network Marketers #MLM
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You have a team, you want to arm them with information to increase sales. Klusster is the fastest way to get you on your way.

Your Team

You have incredible products and an incredible team.  All they need is a bit of a boost.  With Klusster, you can boost your team with incredible stories and content.

How does it work?

Klusster is a FREE platform that allows network marketers to create quality publications for their teams to easily distribute and generate new leads.

Within days, you can create a smart branded publication, add your distribution team and send out messages to 1000s through a collective social audience with a unified voice.

What if you have 20 team members that each are connected to 500 people on social?

That means your group can send content to up to 10,000 people in no time.

Klusster allows you to track and reward your network for participation.  With Klusster, you will know exactly how many pieces of content each team member has helped to distribute.

The best part?

Any leads generated from your network, can be allocated to the team member that brought the consumer to the content/promotion.

Why Klusster?

  1. 100% FREE
  2. Create A Quality SEO Friendly Publication
  3. Add Videos or Podcasts
  4. Automated eMails To Team Members with latest content.
  5. Track distribution of each team member.
  6. Learn what messaging works best!

Next Steps?

Register for our next webinar (Every Thursday 11am)

Learn More?

You already have your Klusster.  Let's Get You Found Online!