Klusster for Marketers

Klusster for Marketers
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You are a marketer, you want to grow your digital marketing business.

Hello Marketers!

Do you create content?

Do you help with business strategy?

Do you help improve SEO?

Klusster can help you grow your business.

What is Klusster?

Klusster is a FREE platform that allows a business to create GROUP powered publications to reach more people.

  1. Groups Get Together
  2. Combine Complimentary Content to Create A Quality Publication
  3. Combine Collective Social Distribution
  4. Reach MORE Targeted Consumers
  5. Generate More Happy Customers
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Help Your Clients

  1. Reach More People
  2. Engage Staff
  3. Track Social Media
  4. Improve SEO
  5. Build New Business
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When your clients build a Klusster publication, good things happen.

The local marketer is crucial

When putting together a Klusster Publication, businesses need marketers to provide them guidance and consistency in the project.  Content with a strategic plan, focusing on specific Key Words and linking back to foundational website content delivers optimized value.  With a strong strategy, your clients' content is distributed to a wider audience, and the added benefit is a positive impact to their web site SEO.

Great, how do I help my clients?

Two Ways:


A team publication allows a single business entity to create a powerful SEO friendly publication to deliver to their staff and social media pros for increased and coordinated distribution.

Real estate organizations, non-profits, franchises, network marketers and local businesses with an active staff base are all prime candidates to create a TEAM PUBLICATION.

CASE STUDY: A local spa with a staff of 15 wanted to engage with the community more with a higher quality of content.  They decide to make a publication and have all 15 staff members have input to the content and help distribute messages.  The results were 1000s of new online connections, a more engaged staff, improved SEO and new business.


The truth is, creation of SEO friendly content requires some coordination. Not to mention developing the strategy of a publication and brand, takes a bit of time.  In the end, the marketer is extremely valuable maintaining the consistency of the online publication.  Creation of content, ongoing management all are require and best conducted by a local marketer.


With Klusster, you can create a publication for a GROUP of businesses.

It's incredible how powerful a group of 10-30 businesses can be when they work together online to create a powerful brand.

It's also incredible how those businesses develop relationships with each other and the marketer to execute on significantly more marketing needs.

Klusster allows marketers to work with group to assemble PEER publications and reach 20X more people than that group can on their own.

CASE STUDY: Healthy Life Burlington is a community of local health businesses that participate together to build and distribute an online health publication to educate more local residents. So far they have made over 93,000 connections.

When creating a PEER or GROUP publication, that group often requires the help of a marketer to define the publication, establish strategy and a rule system for all members/contributors and be available to manage or create the content for some of the members of the group.

It's also incredible how those businesses develop relationships with each other and the marketer to execute on significantly more marketing needs.

Ready to grow your marketing practice?

With Klusster, you will not only build a recurring revenue stream from Klusster and have fun in the process, but these relationships will also lead to other digital marketing services.

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